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AMFM is an (art)ist organization for the people. We support and feature emerging and established artists  through our website, which includes content with local artists and creatives from all over the globe, and through our curated events, exhibitions, partnerships, and activations. Through programming, AMFM combines the arts to cultivate community, diversity, inclusivity, intergenerational engagement and of course, good vibes with a purpose, mission, or cause. Learn more about at

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Ciera Alyse McKissick

An independent writer, curator, cultural producer, and the founder of AMFM, an organization whose mission is to promote emerging artists. She created AMFM, originally a web magazine, as an independent study project in 2009 at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she studied Journalism and Mass Communications. Her work since then often involves collaboration through supporting Black and brown artists, local arts organizations, and seeks to stimulate community engagement that's driven by inclusivity, accessibility, intention, and care. She is also the Public Programs Manager at the Hyde Park Art Center, and on the board of Equity Arts (a project of Heaven Gallery). 


Alexandria Eregbu

An artist and scholar whose hybrid practice spans across art, education, curatorial practice, justice, and the humanities to consider objects, stories, and experiences that dignify Black life. Her artwork employs a combination of symbols, storytelling, and ritual performance to make real the continuum of everyday practice in African-American existence. Often, Alexandria utilizes materials like chalk, indigo, cowrie shells, wood, and feathers amongst processes like natural dye, drawing and quilting to make meaning with the unseen. She creates textiles, paintings, sculpture, installation, performance, sound, and other time-based media as a bridge to nature, design, healing, and ecology.

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Alexandria Valentine

(b. on the South Side of Chicago, in 1996) received a Master of Fine Arts in Fiction from Columbia University School of the Arts and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. They are the co-founder of North Star Memory Project, a transmedia archive that prioritizes Black Chicago and Great Migration histories through counter-archive building.

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Andrea Coleman

Makes use of found family images, memorabilia, and videos as a basis to produce a series of digital paintings. Combined with expressive mark-making and coloration, each piece addresses elements of nostalgia and a distorted form of memory. She typically manipulate images found in photo albums, or VHS recordings to challenge ideas of authenticity and re-appropriate the aesthetic of aura and memory. Drawing inspiration from my own, familial relationships and oral histories, the work investigates the intuitive interconnectedness and multidimensional relationship between snapshot and portraiture.

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zakkiyyah najeebah dumas o’neal

Makes work to further understand how the specificity of her own lived experiences are connected to historical and contemporary movements that involve embodied knowledge production. She explores this through social portraiture, video assemblage, collage, drawing, and found images. She seeks to reinforce a different kind of gaze (and gazing) which she processes through empathy, desire, love, queer identity, family, intimacy, illegibility, and poetics. Within her projects there's an overlying theme of trying to make sense of what and who she belongs to.


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