Menu Created by Executive Chef
Whitney McMorris

Executive Chef Whitney McMorris presents her vision of a modern american menu shaped by the amalgamation of cultures that make Chicago one of the most exciting cities in the world.


Evolving from her experiences as an integral asset to some of Chicago’s finest culinary movements; Moto, Acanto, Terzo Piano, Quartino Ristorante, Executive Chef Whitney McMorris is proud to bring her life long journey in culinary arts to the south side neighborhood of Bronzeville. Chef not only presents a culmination of unbridled creativity and inspiration on every plate, but does it while developing the next generation of culinary professionals through her mentorship.

Sweet Potato Ribbons Housemade Hummus Toasted Pita Handut Fries Dipping Sauces Salad Sprouts Shrimp

Wine List Curated by Sommelier 
Derrick C. Westbrook

"Sommelier, Wine Culture Creator, entrepreneur and 2018 Wine Enthusiast 40 under 40 Magazine Cover and former cellar manager at Michelin Star restaurant NEXT and beverage director of Elizabeth Restaurant.”


"What excites me most about building a wine menu for Bronzeville Winery is that I can take all of my fine dining wine experiences and bring that appreciation to my neighborhood.

This menu is a reflection of my background and desire to change the face of wine. My goal is for you to find your “comfort wine” using that to explore wines in a warm, relatable and elegant way.


Rather than talking about grapes or regions. I’ve chosen to explore and communicate wines by style. Grapes will never tell everything about a wine. Talking regions can be too difficult to navigate or alienating for some, but Style, weight and texture are universal.


This creation was designed for the people first, the critics second and for my curiosity and love of wine.

Salmon Watermelon Steak Waygu Burger Vegan Burger Steak Filet Mignon Gnocchi New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels
Bubbles Orange Red Rose Wine By The Glass
Sweet Red Sweet White White Port Sherry Wine By The Glass
Red Wine Bottle List
White Wine Bottle List
Cocktails and Libationless
Spirit List