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Eric Williams

Eric Williams is the founder and owner of The Silver Room, one of the most influential independent retail and community art spaces in Chicago. Over the course of 20 years, Williams has developed The Silver Room into a dynamic, multi- functional retail space and community hub that has served two prominent Chicago neighborhoods.

Managing Director

Amy Jennetten

Amy Jennetten is the Managing Director of the Bronzeville Winery. She is responsible for directing all aspects of operations focused on the highest level of standards of service, cultivating career paths for new hospitality hopefuls and acting as the liaison for community relationships.


Cecilia Cuff

Cecilia Cuff is a pacemaker in the hospitality design industry focusing on art and efficiency inspired design, inclusivity, community development and sustainability.  Cecilia has managed hospitality openings and brand launches for corporations and small businesses all over the world with a long standing career dedicated to flawless and carefully executed hospitality service paired with mentorship of emerging young professionals.

Featured Artist

Krista Franklin

Writer, Visual Artist and Chicago native Krista Franklin’s artwork graces the walls of Bronzeville Winery. Inspired by Black beauty, self-reflection, and the African Diaspora, she addresses race, gender, class issues and combines personal, pop-cultural, and historical imagery in her work.

Her visual art has been exhibited at Poetry Foundation, Konsthall C, Rootwork Gallery, Museum of Contemporary Photography, Studio Museum in Harlem, Chicago Cultural Center, National Museum of Mexican Art, and the set of 20th Century Fox’s Empire.

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